Massachusetts Medical School CHP

Massachusetts Medical School Saves 58,000 MWH in Annual Electricity

New research center calls for CHP expansion, cogeneration at medical school in Massachusetts

To provide a universal resource for students, a Massachusetts-based medical school unveiled a new 512,000 research center. The facility would be a universal resource for students and staff alike.

But because these spaces would grow its electric generation by 7.5 MW, cooling capacity by 4,000 tons and thermal capacity by 60,000 lbs/hr, its existing power plant no longer sufficed.

The project required a cogeneration system that would allow the CHP facility to handle this energy output in a cost-efficient manner.

Veolia's energy consulting group, SourceOne, was selected to provide project management and technical assistance to expand the school's existing CHP facility.


Download our case study to read about how SourceOne expanded the school's CHP facility to maximize operational uptime and minimize energy costs.