Rialto, CA Saves $2.5M Over First 5 Years of Capital Improvements Contract

Innovative concession contract demonstrates an approach for other cities to strengthen their financial condition

Seeking superior service and lower costs, the City of Rialto contracted with Veolia in 2003 to provide O&M services to the city's wastewater treatment plant and collection system.

“We’ve worked with Veolia for years in the community and this arrangement allows for both continuity and improvement in the water resource and wastewater service, and it assures us that the total commitment to the residents of the City of Rialto is met.”

– Mike Story, Rialto City Administrator

Download our case study to learn more about how Veolia helped the city:

  • Save $2.5M over the first five years of the contract term
  • Obtain funding for critical system improvements
  • Improve economic development
  • Create jobs