Boiler replacement retrocommissioning for major urban hospital

Boiler Replacement and Retrocommissioning

For Major Urban Hospital

A holistic solution to enhance efficiency

A major hospital in Brooklyn, NY needed to replace aging boilers that were inefficient and expensive to operate. At the outset of the boiler replacement, Hurricane Sandy struck. The hospital needed to be evacuated creating a dire logistical and medical emergency. In addition, the hospital was losing approximately $1 million/day during the evacuation.

Veolia's implemented a holistic solution to enhance efficiency while overcoming the vulnerabilities highlighted by Hurricane Sandy. These resiliency measures included:

  • Upgraded foundation to support the new boilers

  • Three 500hp boilers installed on a 60-inch platform
  • New 250 kW emergency generator on a 6-foot platform outside the boiler room


Download our one-page case study to learn more about the challenges Hurricane Sandy brought to this project and how the measures helped the hospital save $1.5M in annual savings.