Commercial deep well injection disposal services

Commercial Deep Well Injection Disposal Services

At Veolia's Port Arthur, TX incineration facility

Commercial deep well injection disposal services

With deep well injection, waste is disposed of by inserting liquid waste into geologic formations through injection wells.

These formations are selected carefully, so they will contain the waste to prevent contaminants from migrating into aquifers with potable water. This method can be used to dispose of wastewater contaminated with heavy metals, chemicals, and more.

Veolia uses the latest technologies to both treat hazardous waste and non-hazardous waste fluids such as acid and caustic liquids, brines, chemically-contaminated wastewaters, and heavy metal solutions in an aboveground facility before safely pumping treated fluids over a mile underground.


Download our one-page brochure to learn about the benefits of deep well injection, including:

  • Removal of large volumes of liquid
  • Methods and technologies used by the oil and gas industry
  • Cost-effective solution compared to alternative methods
  • Regulatory issues avoided
  • Waste does not migrate out of the geologic formation