Commodity Procurement

Commodity Procurement

For a major Northeast public transportation authority

Comprehensive energy consulting services

A major public transportation authority in the Northeast US that operates urban and suburban bus, subway, elevated rail, light rail, commuter rail, and trolley bus services has been providing transit services since the 1800s. To better manage energy procurement and streamline costs, the public transportation authority sought energy procurement guidance across a very large and complex portfolio, including natural gas, electricity, and fuel oils.

Veolia partnered with the public transportation authority to provide comprehensive energy consulting services, including:

  • Provided advisory services for the purchase and management of all its utilities

  • Evaluated renewable energy credit markets
  • Validated energy invoicing and the development of a comprehensive energy hedging strategy
  • Identified exposure to price risk and implemented cost control measures


Download our one-page case study to learn more about the value created during our three-year partnership.