Fuel blending services

Fuel Blending Services

Solutions for a circular economy

Capturing value from waste

Veolia owns and operates five fuel blending facilities across the U.S. in:

  • Azusa, CA,
  • Henderson, CO,
  • West Carrollton, OH
  • Menomonee Falls, WI
  • Middlesex, NJ.

All of our facilities are equipped to manage containerized and bulk liquids, sludges, and solids.


Environmental benefits

Minimize your environmental impact by displacing the use of coal, oil, or gas in cement kilns with a green fuel produced from high BTU organic hazardous waste


Economic benefits

Fuel blending is a cost effective alternative to incineration. Even more savings are created by adding the cost of fuel for the kilns that is being displaced by the fuel developed from the mix of high BTU waste.


Download our brochure to learn more about our fuel blending services across all five of our U.S. locations.