Incineration Services

Incineration Services

Compliant treatment solutions for industrial byproducts

Meeting all of your processing requirements

Confidently and safely dispose of your waste at our three incinerators, located across the U.S. in Port Arthur, TX, Sauget, IL, and Gum Springs, AR.


Port Arthur, TX

Our Port Arthur incinerator leads the industry with flexible waste processing. Waste requiring different treatment technologies can all be shipped to us in one truck or by rail in a tank car.


Sauget, IL

Our Sauget incinerator is ideal for all incineration needs, including unusual wastes. Sauget uses a closed-loop system for odiferous or reactive liquids, pyrophoric gases, solids, and liquids. Sauget's systems are flexible and can accommodate virtually any type of waste.


Gum Springs, AR

Our Gum Springs incinerator is perfect for all of your bulk waste needs. The incinerator is adjacent to a fully-permitted RCRA Subtitle C landfill. It is directly served by the Union Pacific railroad for rail shipments and 4 miles off Interstate 30 for truck shipments.


Here for you

We are authorized by DEA to witness destruction on your behalf and accept DEA regulated and DEA/RCRA regulated materials.


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