New York City buildings energy efficiency

Making New York City Landmark Buildings More Sustainable

Veolia's SourceOne Helps Save NYC Citizens an Average of $6 Million Annually

Veolia's energy consulting group, SourceOne, was selected to conduct energy-efficiency projects in select buildings across Greater New York City.

New York State wanted “45 by 15” – that is, to decrease electricity use by 15 percent and increase renewable generation by 30 percent, both by 2015. Facilities contributing to that volume include highly populated landmarks such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY Public Library and the Bronx Zoo.

In order to meet these goals, officials sought to examine these types of spaces and identify pragmatic ways of reducing energy output and avoiding hundreds of thousands of tons of greenhouse gases (GHG) per year.


Download our case study to read about all the energy efficiency measures that SourceOne has implemented to help New York City become a clean energy champion.