Oily sludge management at Louisiana refinery

Oily Sludge Management for a Major Louisiana Refinery

Recycling process provides sustainable solution for a major Louisiana refinery

Every refinery generates oil-bearing residuals as part of its normal operations, and operators must manage these residuals to maintain optimal production levels and operational efficiency.

With options ranging from thermal desorption to leveraging the coker to recover all material with zero waste leaving the refinery, our patented and proprietary technologies are backed by experienced operations and a proven commitment to safety.

Our custom solutions:

  • Minimize the need to dispose of solids
  • Help debottleneck refinery unit operations
  • Optimize recovery and return of oil to the right place in the refinery

We're working with more than 50 refineries in the U.S. today to effectively manage their oily residuals.


Download our case study to learn how we provided a unique oily residual management process with a sustainable solution for a major refinery in Louisiana.