PFAS Management

Solutions for Municipalities and Industries

Veolia's six-step approach to realistic PFAS management

PFAS do not break down easily in the environment and can contaminate drinking water and move through soils. Many call PFAS the environmental crisis of this generation.

Assessing the contaminant and finding the best treatment is a complex process. Therefore, water providers will need sound guidance to best address the course forward.

This is where Veolia can help. For over 100 years, Veolia has been operating 68 drinking water plants in North America, some of which include PFAS treatment systems. Our A to Z solutions include:

  • Securing available funds
  • Managing PFAS removal in contaminated water
  • Waste treatment through incineration
  • Other safe disposal options


Download our brochure to learn more about our six-step approach and how it delivers maximum efficiency and single-point management.