Triple Net Zero Readiness Study

A Veolia North America 2023 Study on Climate Risk, Corporate Progress, and Main Obstacles

Are U.S. companies on course to meet their sustainability commitments?

In 2023, Veolia North America, the nation's foremost environmental services company, conducted a groundbreaking nationwide study encompassing 245 prominent firms, each generating over $500 million in revenue. The primary focus of this study was to explore three crucial aspects:

  1. How does climate change risk rank as a key driver for firms to adopt ESG goals?

  2. What kind of tangible progress are firms making in achieving their goals?
  3. What are the main obstacles that are making it hard for firms to move forward?

The results of the study were clear: the majority of organizations do not have specific projects or initiatives already identified to achieve their goals.

Download our report to gain valuable insights from this comprehensive analysis that examines key findings, firms' top priorities and main obstacles, and key drivers.