Circular economy to sulfuric acid regeneration

Veolia Brings the Circular Economy to Sulfuric Acid Regeneration

The result of Veolia's sulfuric acid solution is a cleaner, more efficient refinery operation

Sulfuric acid is more prevalent than any other industrial chemical across the globe.

The challenge for many refineries is both to acquire the sulfuric acid needed for fuel production and to deal with spent acid and sulfur emissions in the most cost effective, safe, environmentally friendly manner possible.

Veolia's solution is to build acid plants onsite and integrate them with the refineries.


The Outcome

  • Build and operate the acid plant, supplying your refinery with the sulfuric acid needed to reduce SO2 and other harmful emissions
  • Bring the spent sulfuric acid back to 99% purity
  • Reintroduce steam back to your refinery, supplying a portion of the steam needed for your refinery process


Download our case study to learn more about our solutions to help your refinery increase efficiency, cut SO2 emissions, and have a reliable stream of sulfuric acid.