Veolia Swiss Re resiliency planning interview

City Resiliency Planning Takes Data Analytic Turn. Will it Make a Difference?

City resilience planning takes data analytic turn. Will it make a difference?

Communities continue to be hit by a parade of natural disasters. Cities remain vulnerable to acute impacts from drought, earthquakes, flooding, land subsidence, coastal hazards, and wildfire.

The Mayors Water Council reached out to two premiere organizations providing disaster planning services to cities.


Download our interview John Gibson, COO of Municipal and Commercial Business, Veolia North America, and Alex Kaplan, Global Partnerships, Swiss Re Management, to get the answers to these and other questions:

  • What is meant by pre-funding catastrophic losses?
  • What does risk transference mean in resiliency planning?
  • Why meaningful resiliency planning needs to be at the asset level.
  • How can resiliency yield public benefits?