Waste Treatment and RCRA Landfill Services

Compliant solutions for hazardous and nonhazardous waste

Your resource for waste treatment and landfill

Many waste types require treatment to meet landfill disposal restrictions. Veolia can prepare a variety of waste types by properly treating them before disposing them in a Subtitle C hazardous waste landfill.

Our hazardous waste stabilization services

  • D002 neutralization and non-hazardous waste solidification
  • Stabilization of certain D-coded metal-bearing waste types, typically D004 to D011
  • Stabilization of other coded hazardous waste, including listed waste and characteristic waste
  • Micro- and macro-encapsulation treatment of hazardous waste debris
    Waste profiling, laboratory analysis, and unique treatment methodologies
  • Testing stabilized residuals to ensure proper treatment and that all landfill restrictions are met for final disposal


Our Subtitle C landfill

Our Subtitle C landfills employ state-of-the-art constructions to isolate contaminants from the environment. We treat and landfill contaminated soils, sludges, and other liquid and solid RCRA classified hazardous waste from producers around the country.


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